• Jeffrey R. Woolf

    I suggest that before crying sell-out, the Orthodox WOW should look to themselves for responsibility. They have made common cause with non-Orthodox movements who reject outright the authority and authenticity of Jewish Law and Tradition. Allowing themselves to be coopted by Reform, Conservative, Egalitarian, and Secularist Post-Modernists deprived them of potential support from within the Israeli Orthodox and Traditionalist communities. Ironically, perhaps tragically, one Orthodox member of WOW has voiced a concern that there will be no place for observant WOW to pray, between the Scylla of Haredim and the Charybdis of Radical Egalitarianism.

  • Todd Berman

    Rav Gilad of Maalei Gilboa has already, in a way, addressed this issue head on:

    “Rav Yehuda Gilad on Natan Sharansky’s plan for the Kotel Plaza:
    The plan presented by the Chairman of the Jewish Agency, Natan Sharansky, to create a new layout for the Western Wall plaza, is a welcome development. Adding to the existing men’s and women’s sections a third section with no division between the sexes, will make clear that the Wall is not a synagogue owned by one stream or another; rather it belongs to the entire people of Israel.

    In order for this new arrangement to reach its full potential, it is important that the new section allow for the full spectrum of religious expression. It should not become “the Reform Section.” For example, it should allow services for communities that do maintain some level of distinction between the sexes. For example, these services could make possible the recitation of Kaddish by orthodox women which is not possible in the present configuration of the Western Wall plaza.

    As the Talmudic sage Rabbi Yehoshua ben Levi said, Jerusalem is meant to be a city that unites all of the people Israel in friendship.”

  • reuvain stein

    Orthodox women who have joined WOW have fallen into a trap. WOW is backed by the liberal movements in the US see the Kotel as a wedge issue to drive their agenda in israel. In a quest to moderate hariedie influence they have set up an alliance with those whose intentions are to institute civil marriage etc etc. a week ago Amat Hoffman declared the Melchiza should come down every day at 9 am and the Kotel be a “National Monument”.

  • Barbara Spack

    Norma, I do not see why there could not be an area of the South Western Wall where an Orthodox minyan of Women could be praying the way they choose, in tallit, in tefillin, with hats , with sheitels or with kippot. The area will be totally egalitarian and therefore you and your friends can do what we all want to do, that is pray as we are accustomed to doing without anyone trying to tell us we cannot! The whole Western wall was just a retaining wall of the Temple mount and therefore no one part should be deemed more holy than another. Those of us who have taken the Tunnel Tours know that the place where the Holy of Holies was deemed to be located is way North of where the “Kotel” plaza is today, anyway. I say let’s go for it and REALLY make it work!

  • Do the “Women of the Wall” want to get closer to God? Really? Do they?

    Do they really feel the best way to get close to God is to get close to a surviving wall of the Temple built for him in which men served as the priests?

    They’re motive is not religious. It’s based on hatred of Chareidim and they harass them in any way possible. Nobody can deny that.