• jimkendall

     From Breivik’s insistent validation of approriateness of the death
    penalty – for himself – I would harken to what I’d said months’ ago in
    comment: that his actions are out of, solely, self-hatred – the
    “multiculturalism” ruse was but a smoke screen. He needed to conceal –
    from himself – his self-hatred; and have an “external” target = enter

    His externally-targeted self-hatred becomes redirected to it true,
    original and sublimated goal: he had Expected the police to shoot him,
    on Utolya. When that didn’t happen, confinement became “sadistic”; now
    he wants to be killed by the state.

    Because: all he ever wanted, all along, was to destroy what he hated.

    • Avrum

      would you say then he’s insane? btw, interesting point.