• TerrorIsEvil

    Someone ought to remind Rabbi Marmur that evangelicals, like the rest of us, are not perfect. At this time they are the best friends of the Jewish people and of Israel. Why does Rabbi Marmur not write a truthful article entitled, “Islamists who distort history and religion,” a topic much more germane and closer to acknowledging the real threats to Israel and the Jewish people at this time. That would take some courage for a Rabbi who spends too much time criticizing those who understand who and what the real threats are and why it is important to speak out against them rather than remain silent and unsupportive of our own people for unsavory political reasons. Some rabbis in Canada refrain from supporting Israel and will not even condemn IAW and BDS – nor will they help students on campus…but they will do somersaults to dialogue with Islamists and haters – saying that we must speak with them but without insisting that they respect and recognize the existence of the Jewish State of Israel.

    • Maya12345

      Exactly. Marmur has two pet topics which he repeats often – attacking Orthodox Jews and Evangelical Christians.