• Lovesjews

    its not about the jews, jews didnt take over palestine, killing millions of innocent civilians, women and children just to call it home, jew are great; zionists however, god only knows what they are capable of, if its freedom of speech then everyone is entitled to it, whether it’d be harsh or soft comments. the israelis have long said and done things that has endangered the peace in the mid-east, no one seems to be doing anything about it, nor the fact that they have more than enough N-bombs to destroy a continent. if anyone is to be expelled from anywhere it should be the zionist regime, this has nothing to do with israelis in general, its not the people who is commiting these horrific crimes we witness daily,these crimes that are reciprocated by stones thrown by children who are trying to save their families, their land, their future. its always easy to point fingers, to blame, but being rational, factual is something that at least journalists should abide by. im sorry to say that the only point your article seems to be promoting is hatred, and even more hatred.good job.