• TerrorIsEvil

    Bernie Farber is forever worried about Jews who are
    determined to keep Israel safe and those who see need to defend themselves and
    country. He fails to mention the real culprit (which is not Jewish revenge as
    he says); the Islamic rage against Jews brought on by the vicious passages
    contained in the Koran and Hadiths related to Jews that loyal Muslims live by
    in the present. The hate and revenge problem is theirs, not ours. We now have
    the means to remain ever vigilant against their hate and terrorism. I could
    imagine someone like Bernie cautioning the Jews of Europe during the Shoah not
    to get the Nazis mad because they might hurt us…telling them not to seek
    revenge and to rise above the fray as they were being fried. Sorry, Bern, that
    irrational fear of Jewish strength (sometimes manifesting itself as disapproval
    of anyone slightly to his right) and ability to defend ourselves is not
    something to fear, it is something to be proud of as is the honor and survival
    of the Jewish nation through strength and preparedness.

  • auntiehinda

    The racist rant from Terroris Evil is so very sad. Where do Jews (I am assuming he is a Jew) like this come from? The column is a plea for saner heads to prevail while recognizing Israel must do all it can to defend itself. Claiming all Muslim believers are haters is sick.