• CountWestwest

    What nonsense. Infant male circumcision is an ethical and moral issue, and the Cologne ruling clearly addresses those issues in a way that the German Supreme court will have a hard time reversing. Immoral and harmful religious practices have no place in civilized society. If a Jew or a Muslim stoned his child to death for disobedience, as commanded by the Torah, are we to stand idle and do nothing because the parents claims a religious right?

    Circumcision causes immediate and permanent bodily harm to the baby, and no future “medical benefits” (benefits which aren’t observed in European or Japanese men or women, by the way) outweighs that harm; especially given the fact that the person will always has the choice to opt for circumcision when he can consent.

    Jews have discarded hundreds of their mitzvot because they’re relics of bronze age superstitions and barbarity. It’s high time that circumcision joined the list. The Sage Maimonides in Part III, Chapter 49 of the “Guide to the Perplexed”, clearly states that the main object of circumcision is to cause pain and to diminish sexual pleasure. Modern science has proven him right.