• Annie Robbins

    “Migron is to be dismantled by Aug. 1, and the government was given only
    two months to explain how and when it plans to destroy the Ulpana

    This information about Ulpana is completely untrue. The court court ruled months ago Ulpana was build on Palestinian land. It was scheduled for demolition last Tuesday on May 1st. Netanyahu, for political reasons has petitioned the court at the last minute, with no warning, to delay the demolition. they have had months to deal with this. The court extended the demolition for another 2 months. This was the reaction to the recent delay, by the lawyers who already won the case thru the supreme court which dragged on for years: “Sfard, Zachary and Lev explain their motion by saying that the government violated the rules of etiquette that have applied to the relations between the judiciary branch and the executive branch for 64 years and threatens to crush the trust upon which our system of government is based. “Since Israel was founded, no prime minister, no minister and no attorney general have ever dared do such a thing… the current position of the government of Israel, is that the government of Israel is allowed to retract a commitment it gave the honorable court, even when said commitment was anchored in a verdict and even when there are no new facts or force majeure that prevent its execution.”
    The petitioners accuse the government that it submitted the motion at the last minute “so that the judicial branch would not to have time to react, express its opinion, or issue a warning. They acted at the last minute, on Friday afternoon, four days before the violation, two days if we subtract the Sabbath.” And they go on to ask: “What must the citizens of Israel think when they see their Prime Minister, Defense Minister, commanding general of a military command and commander in the Israel Police announcing publicly that they decided not to fulfill a commitment they gave and that was anchored in a court verdict? Do the rules that apply to citizens not apply to the government, the army and the police?””