• TerrorIsEvil

    The IJV are not Jewish and they are not Independent…if they
    were honest they would take both the “Jewish” and
    “Independent” out of their name.

    They are financed by the United Church and several other
    sources which would sicken anyone who is concerned about terrorism and stealth
    jihad in Canada. They are “voices” of hate and disdain for Israel, for Israel’s
    security, for freedom in the world in general. They do not care about Arab refugees
    who represent of the inability of the Arabs and Muslims to accept the
    4000-year foothold of Judaism in the Middle East and beyond.

    “IJV” hate the idea of Israel as much as their Islamist
    cohorts in the BDS movement. If these people were Jewish then they would be
    speaking up for Jews and Israel because Israel IS the eternal home of the
    Jewish people and the only refuge from a world which has often evicted,
    tortured, oppressed and murdered Jews in places like Europe, the Soviet Union
    and throughout the Islamic world according to the Koran and Haddiths – and that
    means that they will never accept Jews unless they convert, pay onerous taxes
    or are killed.

    If IJV wanted to help so-called “Palestinians” they would be
    lobbying for the “Palestinian” leaders and Arab countries to take them in, make
    them real citizens, integrate them into their countries and stop abusing them
    and using them to seek terroristic revenge on Jews they consider below them as
    dhimmis and will never accept in their worldview.

    If they cared about “Palestinians” they would ask them to
    stop their violence, stop exposing their children to interminable hate indoctrination,
    stop using them as receptacles for bombs, stop using them as human shields. IJV
    must realize that Israel has over 1 million Muslims in its country but Fatah
    and Hamas do not want one Jew in their territories. IJV would not support BDS
    if they were concerned about “Palestinians” who are employed by Israeli firms
    but IJV are made up of hard leftists who also hate democracy, business, capitalism
    and America in general. They are a bad lot indeed.

  • TerrorIsEvil

    I know a rRabbi in our community who “dialogues” with IJV. He considers himself a real expert in outreach and tolerance. He, like them, is very much on the left of the political spectrum and has lashed out at activists speaking up for Israel, calling them “worse than IJV.” I would not condemn this Rabbi because everybody has the right to be a fool. However, I question the motives of people who give Haters such as “IJV” the stage without having the ability and/or willingness to confront their evil. Extending olive branches to those who have apologized for wanting to kill your people is one thing; extending olive branches to those who continue to raise the murderous dagger in your face is quite another matter.

  • nopeacenow

    IJV is against the very existence of the only Jewish state in the world. IJV opposes the two-state solution. IJV supports Israel Apartheid Week on Canadian campuses. IJV supports the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign against Israel (and only against Israel). IJV is aligned with extremist groups like the Canadian Arab Federation and Tadamon. IJV marched in demonstrations alongside activists yelling “Jews are our dogs,” and stood shoulder to shoulder with protesters carrying Khomeini placards at an anti-Israel rally instigated by the Islamic Republic of Iran.