• TerrorIsEvil

    Jasbir Puar and fake academics looking for a
    cause tend to mangle language as they present their incomprehensible theses – in
    this case it involves twisted concepts of sexuality and politics. It is almost
    impossible to understand their gross attacks and lies about Israel but audiences
    of leftists and Islamic students love the fact that she is re-packaging
    anti-Semitism in a new way. Anything that feeds the myths about Israel and
    detracts from the genocide, killing, oppression and incompetence of Islamic
    countries gets high marks from humanities departments at McMaster and other
    places. In fact, McMaster makes sure that at least 2-3 Israel haters are invited
    to speak to inflame passions each and every year. I have no respect for these
    double-speaking deviants who look the other way as people are slaughtered for
    being gay but develop weird and convoluted diatribe about Israel; the only place
    in the region where all people can live in peace, unmolested by hateful,
    totalitarian Islamism.