• Looking forward to seeing if COR will go on the record with the CJN.

  • Eli

    I was told a representative of COR did meet with CJN in order to respond, yet the CJN refused to put a verbatim reply written by the COR and only agreed to put it in their own words. If this is true, then I think it’s quite wise that COR asked not to have their words misconstrued or distorted, even if it’s not the intent of the CJN to do so. (It would also be very strange why no mention of this meeting is present, as this article really gives the impression that nobody would respond or comment at all. Just seems misleading). An open invitation to the public to discuss their methods and pricing seems to be the best way to clearly explain to those interested in the truth, rather than reading it from a critic. A newspaper, especially when well written, can be very powerful and influential. I think it’s sad and unfortunate that COR had to spend money on large ads in order to defend their practices rather than devoting their resources strictly on ensuring our food is strictly kosher. I’m certain this won’t help keep prices down.