• bonnied

    but .. right wing politics in Canada are still left of left wing politics in the US. The gap has increased a bit with Stephen Harper, but this is as true now as it has been since the 1950s. We have NOTHING in Canada that mirrors the contemporary mindset of the GOP, especially since the elections of 2008 and 2012. NOTHING.

    • Robert Douglas Forward

      Wlidrose isn’t the Tea Party… yet.

    • EricBlairEtc

      That is simply not true. First, there are plenty of U.S. progressives who are further left than the Federal NDP: Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont is a perfect example. Second, all three major political parties in Canada have drifted right.
      The difference is the degree to which Harper suppresses people in his own base, and bills are introduced not by government, but by private members.
      Since 2006, the Conservatives tried to annul the same-sex marriages of non-Canadian citizens married in Canada; tried to redefine a fertilized human egg as a person, which would redefine abortion as murder under the criminal code; scrapped gun control; have worked to disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of Canadian voters; passed a bill allowing for the use of information obtained from torture, and denied refugees health care. The list goes on.

  • AF514

    Anyone who doesn’t recognize that the Harper administration has been the most BY FAR consistent and clear friend of Israel; and makes the Liberals comparatively speaking look like anti semites doesn’t have a brain. I am NOT saying that is necessarily a reason or a good one to vote for Harper…or not to vote for him. That decision is an individual one, I am just saying the FACT of the Harper administration as the most genuine supporter of Israel in Canadian history IS a fact.

    • Robert Douglas Forward

      No argument, but shouldn’t Canadian Jews be even a little concerned about Canada? Why should Canadian Jews be a single issue group? Will Harper’s support of Israel make life better for Jews in Canada?

  • ferrethouse

    The only reason this story was posted on National Newswatch is because it is anti-Harper. Such a shame that it has become a clearinghouse of anti-Conservative news stories.

    • Robert Douglas Forward

      Perhaps National New Watch is just reflecting the feelings of Canadians generally. Only 26% support Harper, so 74% must be favouring someone else.

    • Youknowwhat

      You are so right.

  • StevenMegannety

    A smart, focused and prescient piece of writing. Thanks Adam.

    • Terry Quinn

      Absolutely a fine piece of writing. it echoes my thoughts exactly. One must not forget that pervious Liberal governments had several prominent jews in their party and in cabinet. This will happen again;see who Justin Trudeau is recruiting in jewish and not so jewish ridings over the next few months.

  • Manchild

    Conservatives favour the rich over the poor, the advantaged over the disadvantaged, corporate elites over ordinary people, self interest over public interest. Their policies prove this – always have always will. Does this define Jewishness? I’m not a Jew but I doubt it. If Jews only care about Israel then they are pretty narrowly focused and seem to be more interested in Israel than in Canada. Perhaps they should consider opening their minds to see the bigger picture.

  • Youknowwhat

    As a strong partisan Liberal, what makes you different than Conservatives one, Mr. Goldenberg? Oh, that’s right, as a liberal you believe you’re the only one who’s right. It’s a good thing that many people think and vote with their heads and not according to pundits’ blind emotions.

  • auntiehinda

    It is true that PM Harper is the best PM Israel never had. Its also true that we Jews have in the last few years abandoned social justice agendas once the domain of the now defunct Canadian Jewish Congress. The new organization CIJA has done an outstanding job, if not a relatively easy one with this government, advocating on our behalf on Israel. However it has also shamelessly turned its back on everything else that Jews hold dear from fighting child poverty to refugee advocacy.

  • Kavod And Kaved

    I don’t care which one it is, but if your most pressing election concerns are about another sovereign nation, then you don’t belong in this one. Pack your bags. Move there. Vote in their elections.

    I’m staying in this one, and voting for it. My Canada does not include Israel.