• Yussi

    QuAIA helped me to understand why as a Jew I’m obligated to fight for the equal rights of Palestinians and Arab-Israelis. Israel should be a fully secular state and don’t discriminate anyone based on their ethnicities or religions. Kuddos to QuAIA for the good work.

    • Scaramouche

      “Kuddos”? M’kay

    • TerrorIsEvil

      Hey, Yossi, why not join the new Caliphate? I hear that they are in need of dumb dhimmi Jews who want to promote their cause.

  • Scaramouche

    I think Goldenberg gets it wrong when he says QuAIA’s true objective is “free-speech martyrdom.” At most, that’s a mere side benefit. Its true objective–the objective of all ardent Zion-loathers–is the demise of the Jewish state. Which means QuAIA’s objective is part and parcel of global Zionhass, the Jew-hate of our time. Which means it’s as malign–and malignant–as it gets.

  • Scaramouche

    This is what Goldenberg would have us ignore because it’s “fairly benign” and hard to detect: http://www.shalomlife.com/img/2012/05/17180/quaia_pride_/400_300_quaia_pride_.jpg

    • Dov

      Scaramouche, Scaramouche, have you done the fandango?

      • Scaramouche

        I have, I have. But usually sans rainbow festoonery and rogue genitalia.