• diana

    Please do not refer to them as “ultra-orthodox.” They are making up their own laws that are nowhere to be found in the bible. Just because their leader may wear a costume that looks similar to the garb of an orthodox Jew, this does not automatically make him religious.

    • Stephen Golden

      Neither does your opinion of them revoke their orthodoxy.

    • Kavod And Kaved

      Yes, because no group of people calling themselves ultra-orthodox have ever put into place rules that are not found in the Bible …..cough* banning broccoli…..*cough …banning the singing of Mi She’nichnas Adar due to non-Jewish origins….making Miami assur.
      Wait, come to think of it, at least 50% of Judaism is not expressly found in the Bible.(which, at risk of being the Grammar Taliban, ought to be capitalized)

      Congratulations…you may already be a Karaite.

  • Passepartoute

    “But if nothing turns up, Lev Tahor deserves to have what it wants:
    for everyone to just leave the group alone.” How about an apology?

  • Stephen Golden

    I note that Quebec police have entered their homes in Ontario; were they in compliance with Ontario Law? Specifically: Interprovincal Policing Act? Which agency, and which person approved Quebec police acting in Ontario? Remember every Jew alive today is here because some ancestor was able to escape from a bad place. Quebec is clearly ”
    out there where the buses don’t run”