• Borukh

    Stephen Tannenbaum’s remarks are very egregious. On the one hand he says “nobody is trying to supress” the right of Israeli Arab citizens to express their views. And on the other hand he says by “holding this dubious ceremony” that “the State of Israel and those who support Tel Aviv University financially” were “paying to have the state demonized and deligitimaized by those who seek to destroy it” Talk about twisted thinking!

    If Israel is indeed a democratic state, as I believe it strives to be, then whether or not a publically funded university allows the memorializing of Nakba Day on its grounds is not an issue and certainly not, as Tannenbaum puts it,”objectionable” for those who believe in democracy. After all, don’t the Arab citizens of Israel also pay taxes to support the state and its universities? And don’t the Arab students at Tel Aviv U. pay tuition fees the same as the other students – Jewish, Druze, non-Arab Christian, etc.?

    Those are really quite disgraceful remarks, Mr. T!