• Borukh

    How interesting that William Langfan of Pal Beach, Florida is getting repeated letters published while others I know are not. Be that as it may, my response to him regarding the 1967 cease-fire line as the basis for an international border between Israel and a future state of Palestine (with relatively minor land swaps of equal value, as may be agreed to by the two parties) is that Israel cannot maintain the status quo, and cannot annex the West Bank. If it continues to do nothing re a peaceful and just 2-state solution, and in the West Bank (yes, including east Jerusalem and the OId City) continues to extend existing settlements, start new ones and allow so-called “outposts” on hill tops (illegal under Israel’s own rules), and to expropriate both privately owned and “state land”, Israel will face an ongoing and seriously expanding world-wide response that will become more and more effective, leading to full BDS (boycott, divestment and sanctions) and eventually driving it into the status of a truly “rogue state” in the nature of the old South Africa. If Israel annexes the West Bank formally (what I described before was a de facto annexation), then it will have to face giving the Arab Palestinian population of those areas citizenship and full rights, including the vote. I need not expand on what THAT would mean for a “Jewish state”. The time has long gone past when, as Canadians from the Atlantic provinces often say, Israel must decide “whether to fish or cut bait”.