• D Bernstein

    It’s a safe bet that most of us had no idea there could be  anti-israel activism (or anything much else) in Yellowknife. Pray fill us in. (Is the BDS initiative in the UCC a factor?) 

    • ELI

      Canadians really need to educate themselves about our Northern coastline. The North holds precious resources and Yellowknife is a strategic diamond and pipeline center. Yellowknife is the ‘gateway to the North’ and part of our extensive, undefended Northern border.  Assume that in every community, regardless of the Jewish population, insidious anti Israel, anti Semitic activities are taking place. My issue is that since 2008, I have been appealing for help from Jewish organizations to counter rabid anti Israel activities supported by the local United Church, NDP MP Bevington and and many city councilors. Their anti Semitic agenda is exposed because bashing Israel is the only international issue they focus on!  The CIJA has largely dismissed my concerns. However, this is not only my issue. This concerns you and all Canadians. 

      • Ctjarvis

        I agree, the north is not on the radar of most people in the south. There are a lot of far left people living here and they are well organized. The Union of Northern Workers ( territorial government), is also part of the problem.

        • ELI

          Unfortunately, Yellowknife remains an NDP enclave; a fact that will not bode well economically in the long run. In 2008, NDP MP Bevington introduced disgraced British MP, Hamas supporter George Galloway as ‘a statesman’ to a crowd of 300. The supporters of ongoing anti Israel activities that originated from a group called Focus on Palestine includes The Union of Northern Workers, Alternatives North (anti poverty group) comprised of many city councilors, the local United Church, and other leftists.
          PM Harper calls Israel bashing ‘the new anti Semitism’. In 2010, PM Harper stated, “When Israel is consistently and conspicuously singled out for condemnation we are morally obligated to stand up against that. We support Israel not just because it is the right thing to do but also because history has shown us over and over again that those who threaten the existence of the Jewish people are ultimately a threat to us all.”
          No better time to support PM Harper.

  • Borukh

    Let’s be clear about the “BDS initiative in the UCC”. The recommendation coming before the Uniteed Church of Canada’s General Council this month (the UCC’s highest policy-setting body, held every 3 years) from its Working Group on Israel/Palestine Policy is for a boycott of the services and products made or assembled in the so-called Israeli “settlements” and “outposts” in the Occupied Territories of the West Bank. This is a very specific boycott, because Israel continues to expand it’s settlement ‘program’ to the detriment of working towards a just peace.

    The Palestinian Authority and the Hamas are also responsible for dragging their feet – in the case of Hamas for outright rejection of Israel and continued war crime of targetting civilians inside Israel with rocket fire. But Israel has the power and the authority to move forward towards a negotiated peace. Sharon’s unilateral pull-out from Gaza with no requirement on the part of the PA did nothing but open the door for Hamas to step in and take control. In fact, it’s well-known that Israel gave suppoort to Hamas early on in its life, because they wanted to encourage an anti-Arafat movement.

    So now the UCC is trying to apply some pressure on the Israeli government in a peaceful manner and with a clear focus on the West Bank settlements and outposts – many of which are illegal under Israel’s own rules, and have been required to be evacuated by Israel’s own Court of High Justice! This is in keeping with Canada’s own policy regarding the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Look at the Web site of International Trade and Foreign Affairs Canada for their “Canadian Policy on Key Issues in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict”. Under “Occupied Territories and Settlements” it says (in part) “As referred to in UN Security Council Resolutions 446 and 465, Israeli
    settlements in the occupied territories are a violation of the Fourth
    Geneva Convention. The settlements also constitute a serious obstacle to
    achieving a comprehensive, just and lasting peace.”

    That’s what this is all about. It is NOT bashing Israel. It is NOT without cause. But I would like to see equal criticism of the PA and Hamas.

  • Borukh

    Re the CIJA – who exactly do they represent? I think Elizabeth Gelb has discovered that they don’t represent her. I KNOW that they don’t represent me. As far as I’m aware, they were not elected or even selected with any form of democratic process. So how did they come into existence and why? What did they displace in Canadian Jewish communal life? They don’t even have the word “Canadian” as part of  their name! The folks with very deep pockets and their own agenda and their disdain for the existing organizations, such as the Canadian Jewish Congress, which had a structure and a form of functioning that was based in democracy was strangled by loss of funding from the UJA-Fed organizations across Canada and just pushed aside. What has happened in our community is shocking and despicable. To make a long story short, Shimon Fogel and the CIAJ represent no one but themselves and those who masterminded the demise of the CJC. They are a putocracy at best.