• Dean

    Ami Farkas’ suggestion that Dr. Hart’s letter is “too little too late” is not quite accurate. The Gaza display is being recycled by CJPME, and is now scheduled to run at the University of Ottawa November 12 to December 12. At least Dr. Hart has alerted us to the problem when the local Federation wanted to hide it and refused to write letters in support of other letters against the blood libel for fear of not getting in the last word. She is correct that the community needs to insist on a hard-hitting and truthful response at the library showing how these children are indoctrinated and showing how the Paliwood operation churns out propaganda against Jews and Israel. It should also reveal the terrorism that is part of the belief system of Hamas and other terrorists.More people should ask their Federations and CIJA to end the sha shtil approach and the politics involving the silencing of Jews so that they do not make waves so that the Federation can maintain control over all aspects of the agenda and purse strings.