• TerrorIsEvil

    Re: Israel agreed to return captured lands

    Israel repatriated Jordanian-occupied lands from Jordan in 1967. Judea and Samaria are, from whatever perspective you take, Jewish land. The peace that was supposed to be a prerequisite for talks never happened and that has nothing to do with Israel not wanting peace – it has to do with Islamic supremacy and the inability to even speak with Jews. The Arabs got a great deal post-Ottoman which gave them 99% of the Middle East. If they cannot sustain more than genocide, carnage, the spread of sharia and jihad on 99% of that huge region, then how do you suppose things will change when they are a few miles from major population centers in Israel? When I hear Jews argue for a smaller Israel given the facts of war, terror, Islamic conquest, Jew hatred by Islamists, it makes me wonder whose side they are on. The final clue in his letter is this line:”…and [Israel] endured a horrendous Palestinian terrorist campaign in return for their grievances with us.” So in effect the writer is justifying terror and rewarding the perpetrators with more land to satisfy their violent tendencies and bring them ever closer to their Jewish targets.