• Borukh

    Readers who may wish to check the veracity of Sam Mitnick’s song of praise for Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his Conservative cronies, should read Lawrence Martin’s best-selling 2010 book, “Harperland” – issued in an updated 2011 edition following the Conservative victory and achievement of an absolute majority government. This is not a ‘right vs. left’ controversy, it’s a controversy about extreme ideology vs where most Canadians are politically. If it were not for our ancient system of electing a government, that allows for splitting the vote between 3 major parties, Harper would never have been elected. He was elected with less than 40% of the popular vote – as were the Libs under Chretien in one election. If one factors in the no. of eligible voters who actually voted, he was elected by about 24% of those who can vote. Harper knows this very well, and he will continue to win just as long as the NDP and the Libs do not come to some accommodation about only running one candidate against him in key ridings where the total votes against Harper is higher than the votes for him!