• TerrorIsEvil

    Liberal MP Marc Garneau: Maybe you are not aware of what is happening in Iran and what Iran is doing worldwide to expand the radical and violent terror that they promote and finance. Hezbollah is their terror arm as is their Revolutionary Guard thugs. Iranian-Canadian provocateurs call for death to Jews and sponsor Al Quds Day here in Toronto and I would encourage you to come out of your office on that day of hate to witness the event. Have a look at the following video that you seem to think is innocuous, innocent and not a serious breach of Canadian foreign policy and long held Liberal and Conservative (and generally Canadian) positions: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W8NOqhCg_eQ Trudeau is pandering to the worst jihadists and if you are blind to this then you are an accomplice in his political pandering and support of Islamism and the Islamization of Canada.

  • Steve Matthew

    According to Garneau, Trudeau said that “whether it’s positioning around Israel or working closely with the United States, [Stephen Harper is] very, very focused on what is going to play well at the ballot box.” Is Trudeau therefore acknowledging that the majority of Canadians support strong relations with Israel and the U.S. and that Harper knows this?

    M. Garneau, Canadians are not stupid and they fully understand who the good guys are in the Islamofacist war against Israel and the West and they will continue to support the foreign policy of the Harper government. Another thing Canadians understand is that Trudeau, like his brother Sacha, are anti-Israel and are courting the enemies of Western democracy. It will cost the Liberals greatly in the next election.

  • auntiehinda

    Suggesting that Justin Trudeau is “anti-Israel” merely feeds into the prejudices faced by our community. I was skeptical till I heard M. Trudeau speak earlier this year at a local Shul. He was warm. erudite, had already much earlier than our PM been to Israel and was clearly a strong supporter our beloved Jewish state. Making wild accusations suggesting anti-Israel attitudes when they are not true casts a dark pale over each of us.

  • NorthernEagle

    The Liberal party is too clever by half. Their appreciation for ‘nuance’, unlike those supposed Cro-Magnon Conservatives, will get us all killed.

    With Mssrs. Trudeau and Garneau again spouting the bankrupt cliches about “it’s the regime, not the people” they, like all the other lefty appeasers in the West are enforcing a self-blaming mindset when it comes to defeating our enemies. Yes, there is Iranian opposition that we should be arming and empowering, but as for the more general ‘people’…if we thought this way in WW2 we would never have defeated the Axis.

    It means we can never attack Iran economically through sanctions because that will hurt the Iranian people who are ‘not our enemies’.

    It also means we can’t attack Iran militarily either because, unless we had all the mullahs and Republican Guard safely in a remote desert compound away from all the women and kids, we’d again hurt the Iranian people who are ‘not our enemies’.

    This whole regime-vs-people distortion is a crafty Chamberlain-esque talking point designed to convince us that no matter what we do, we’d be in the wrong. With this lie so implanted in the minds of the Western diplomatic and policy elites, and their media minions, the Islamists never had it so good.

    We Jews are much better off with Harper.