• nomis

    Time for you to brush up on your history Mr. Wilson… along with lecture of unbiased journalism. The fact is the closest the world ever got to obtaining peace in the region ended on July 4th 1995… and guess who was the source of that…Since then it’s been all down hill. The interior pressures (AKA Likud Party) and their ideological actions (AKA illegal settlements) are the root of the problem. I find it very unfortunate that main stream Jews will be made to suffer (as i am certain they will become in much greater numbers innocent bystanders) for the dated and narrow minded views and beliefs of the sects associated to this political party.

    I must add that i also disapprove of Islamic extremist views about the annihilation of the Jewish state and find their beliefs and views to be equally archaic.But wrong do not make a right and if Israel is infact a democracy then it has the inherent responsibility to ensure the safety of Jews and Palestinians within its borders. Once this intent is demonstrated then Hamas, PLO, or whomever will not be able to gain favor or international support as is happening today. But do not take my word for it… read what Harvard emeritus professor on the middle Ervin Staub (Jewish) has to say about this on going schoolyard brawl… and guess who he thinks the bully is…

    • TerrorIsEvil

      The goal of Islamic terrorists is not to gain a land of their own – it is to gain all the land and to ethnically cleanse that land as the same barbarians are doing in Syria, Libya, Iraq and throughout the region. Land is not and has never been he big issue – Arabs have 22 countries with 99% of the land of the region – surely they could easily have settled refugees in those lands but chose not to in order to make the Jews suffer with endless war and terrorism. Hamas, for instance, would never be satisfied with Gaza – they prefer to take international aid money and all the building material that they can get their hands on to make terror tunnels and shoot rockets at Israel and then go crying to the UN that their civilians are being harmed – when it is they who purposely place them among missile launchers. International support means nothing if your people are being terrorized by those who have no moral codes other than the Jew-hatred contained in their books. In fact, if you are looking for love from the UN and Obama, good luck, they share many of the same objectives for Israel’s shrinkage and annihilation as the terrorists.

      • nomis

        David -vs- Goliath… It amazes me that with all of Israel’s military might… the % of accuracy in enemy attacks is astoundingly it favor of Hamas. The death toll is nearly 1900 (95% civilians) to 4 Israeli civilian deaths… who is the terrorist now!

        If Israel is not getting the blinded support from the U.S. as they have been accustomed to is for 1 simple reason:
        – Israel’s inability to stop ongoing religious extremists from building armed settlements (root of all evil) within Palestinian territories

        Let me make it simple for you… do you remember the Coke -vs- Pepsi consumer war? All that money invested to establish which was better yet top brass within each company very well the extensive side effects associated to the over consumption of their product. Yet they succeeded in doing 2 things

        1 – Cornering and controlling the market between both companies

        2 – Polarizing consumer behavior

        I think we can agree that radicals control on both sides of this conflict and have been doing so for a many a millennial. Both acting on what they believe is Gods will. Both obliviously in no rush to modernize their interpretation of The Rules of Conduct (AKA… The Coran, Bible, Testament, …etc).

        Their rhetoric is dated… but as long as there are some consumers out there… well… “Game On”!

        • TerrorIsEvil

          “…who is the terrorist now!” You are the terrorist if you are supporting Hamas and other terrorists who want to see more Jews dead! You are the terrorist if you cannot see that Hamas started every conflict and are more than eager to martyr their own children and population for the sake of killing Jews and taking their land for the Caliphate as stated in their Charter. You are the terrorist of you think that “both sides” are equal, as if you are trying to convince yourself that terrorists are just nice folk looking out for their own interests. You are the terrorist if you want to tie Israel’s hands as their people are being fired upon and their lives jeopardized by constantly advancing terrorist tactics and methods (tunnels for instance).

          Terrorists shit where they eat. They will contaminate their own for the privilege of fulfilling the Jew-hate edicts in their Koran and other books. This is a religious war – one being conducted by the Islamists against Israel. Your sympathy for the devil is disgusting and shows your leftist bent for supporting terrorism to satisfy a deep psychological animus against Jews.