• TerrorIsEvil

    Jonathan Usher: There is of lot of CNN angst, exaggerated nonsense and remarks made about the anger of a demented, old, jealous man fearful that his whore would (and does) lavish her attentions on others. The media twisted this story into one of racism because that is what the leftist media do today, especially when rich Jews are involved. When Blacks curse Jews and incite violence against them as some top Blacks do on the American scene, especially among the Nation of Islam members, it does not even register on the radar screens and the media are mute and deaf. Jewish law and mores cannot begin to address that stupid situation because the truth has been twisted and the old man’s words were taken out of context – illegally entrapped by a money-seeking call girl. I doubt if a person who spent a long time making himself and the Black athletes and staff around him very rich, has any real disdain for Blacks or anyone else. Start looking for real intolerance and antisemitism among the Islamic and leftists communities – there is plenty without searching for anomalous cases among demented geriatrics in the Jewish community.