• TerrorIsEvil

    To: Murray Rubin, Elaine Bander, Smadar Meiri: I know that
    you do not like Harper but please do not use lies and myths to condemn him.
    Canada is a lot better off with Harper than we were with previous Prime
    Ministers. Our middle class has surpassed in standard of living the US middle class. I think that you do not like Harper because you do not want our Prime Minister to
    support Israel. You do not want Israel to exist or you want Jews to exist as
    dhimmi slaves in some Islamist regime. You would sacrifice Israel to satisfy a
    need to serve those who hate us and you work hard to uphold their rights to condemn and harm
    Jews. We call that behaviour anti-Semitism and it is quite common among leftist
    Jews who now believe in the rights of everyone else but their own people. To anti-Semites,
    only Jews do not have rights to life, liberty, home and freedom. Courageous people
    who speak up for Israel get in the way of their twisted, perverted and distorted
    concept of Tikkun Olam (the concept itself is fine but it has been distorted into a battering ram against Israel/Jews and against conservative values).

  • Steve Matthew

    @Elaine Bander. Actually,
    it is people like you who make the rest of us ashamed to be Jewish. It disgusts
    me to hear liberal Jews viciously attack Harper for “subverting the
    institutions of parliamentary democracy” yet continually criticize the only
    democracy in the Middle East, Israel, while ignoring anti-democratic, Jew-hating,
    genocidal, Islamist, totalitarian governments! Does your hypocrisy know any bounds?

    If you really believe that the Liberals, the NDP or the Communist Party of Canada for
    that matter can deliver better or more honest government in Canada, vote for them. But your lack of support of Israel for having the temerity to defend itself against religious-based regimes which have made it clear that they will kill another 6 million Jews and steal their homeland, is unforgivable. Those of you on the left do not have a monopoly on wanting peace; we all do. The difference is that you expect there will be peace in the Middle East by giving into the demands of murderers while we on the other hand expect there to be peace if and only if the Jew-hatred stops and there is recognition of Israel’s rightful and legal ownership of all the land, including Judea and Samaria.

  • workingbrain

    @Elaine Bandar;
    Only the “Progressive” mind sees no virtue in a perceived enemy, in your case, the evil Harper.
    Truth is, all politicians have their faults and most have some virtues. You see nothing but your interpretation of things you claim to care about being attacked. I’d firstly question whether your sources of information are biased and accurate, but also remind you of some thing that no other government has had the moral fortitude to act on before Stephen Harper’s.
    You should know that the former Liberal Solicitor General brought a list of Nazi war criminals living in Canada to his Prime Minister; he was told to let sleeping dogs lie, seeing no moral issue with mass murdering fascist, racist, Nazis living in his, Trudeau’s, “multicultural” Canada. There are many other examples of so-called “Liberals” acting immorally and irresponsibly vis-a-vis ensuring the public’s best interests are recognized and respected.
    Further, Native Canadians subjected to barbaric treatment in residential schools, interned Japanese Canadians during the second world war, and the mostly Chinese migrant who worked in slave-like conditions finally received apologies and token reparations only because of Stephen Harper, enabling for a healing process to begin.
    But hey, if you’ve got some perfect politicians to vote for, more power to you! Perhaps you could point to some of Justin’s political pearls of wisdom that we’ve missed?