• TerrorIsEvil

    Re: Calls to ban anti-Israel groups ineffective

    Sha Shtil is alive and well in Hamilton.By the way, Lawrence Hart never called for a ban of the CJPME exhibit from the PUBLIC Library in his column, but why should Jews and others not ask for a ban of blood libel and Israel hate? The Federation in the past has said that demonization of Israel is fine provided it does not cross the lines into hate speech and they have not rescinded that policy at this time. If it were not for community activists who contacted the library ahead of the Hamilton Federation and journalists who broke the story, the Fed would have been satisfied with doing nothing. They said that they feared not “getting in the last word,” so they refused to write letters and, as usual, they condemn people of action and letter writers. If they need to be pushed to do the right thing by people who do have the knowledge, concern and willingness that they lack, then why do we need them in the first place? Why are people blindly supporting these Federations that engage in policies devised by PR firms to do absolutely nothing with regard to activism? And why, when finally forced or shamed to act, does this Federation want to show an exhibit that displays how kind Israel is to Palestinians when Israel is targeted by missiles, terrorism, war, Islamic hate and calls for Jewish extermination? Do they think that these terrorists or the Canadian public will be swayed by the kindness of a civilized Israel? Not going to happen! What Islamists and leftists hate the most is civilization and Jews!! The Federations will not counter the blood libel with the truth by showing the terror against Israel, the misogyny, the brutalization and killing of gays and apostates, the stoning of women, the indoctrination of their children to hate non-Muslims and Muslims who do not strictly follow the Koranic strictures. We have a real problem with leadership in Canada that refuses to face up to the reality of brutal Islamism and its association with leftists. We have a real problem with leaders who cannot accept reality and then turn on those who do with spite, vindictiveness and energy that is wasted on condemning their own who are slightly to the right instead of confronting the real sources of danger right in front of their faces. I guess that they are more afraid of losing control more than of doing what is right.