• Mark

    You mention Feldman’s book, and characterize it as a powerful memoir. If your “research” had been somewhat more thorough, you would have also discovered that it was in large part a fabrication, and that when pressed the authoress admitted as much. You claim that you “can draw many lines between what I know about the Satmar and Lev Tahor groups.” From reading your opinion, I can safely say that you know nothing about either. Like too many today, your ignorance is justification enough for self-righteous pronouncements, regardless of the truth and regardless of who gets hurt because, after all, “It’s all too primitive for me.”

  • Moe Ginsburg

    The best, and indeed only, way to help these children is to insure they are not ripped away from their parents and their family and assigned to non-family.

    Deborah Feldman has zero to do with Lev Tahor. Feldman has been exposed by the media to be a pathological liar who put in her book fictions such as a supposed murder than in reality never happened; she claimed her mother disappeared when in fact her mother never left Brooklyn; and a whole host of other drivel in her book.

  • alex

    These kids are raised in a way that you wouldn’t choose so that justifies removing them from their families? This is only supposed to be done in cases where the child is endangered. The authorities in Quebec stated as part of their complaint that the the kids weren’t being taught French, so their education needs weren’t met. That’s why they were taken. Becasue they weren’t learning French. Not the strongest reason to rip kids from their parents. Actually it strikes me as inhumane and evil. (Assuming, again, that there isn’t any actual physical abuse; I’m assuming there isn’t as if there were, THAT would be your argument)