• tseug

    “The McGill Daily has long been the Pravda of Montreal, as totalitarian and surreal as the Communist propaganda sheet that masqueraded as the Soviet Union’s newspaper.”

    And here I thought it was just McGill students who lacked a sense of hyperbole.

    • Kavod And Kaved

      On the contrary, this is an excellent example of hyperbole, and therefore also of irony.

      However it is not a good example of etymology or logic. I have tried finding both “religious” and “secular” as antonyms of “colonial” with no luck whatsoever. It seems that neither or those would prevent Israel from also being colonial.

      I’m sure it is an atrocious essay, as most far-Left publications are, and probably reads like a Monty Python sketch. That makes the rebuttal different in only one meaningful way: it’s not as funny.

  • Adam

    It’s unbelievable that this man, who cites wikipedia and solely critiques the first line of an article rather than actually describing what it is about, is allowed to teach. I could easily take apart his first sentence since he actually has zero support for it and is just name slinging in order to slander the name of someone else’s work. Good on you professor I’m so happy you teach our future.


    Dear’ Gil Troy. I came from Russia many years ago’, but i safer now, becouse my english very poor, but after i read your article i want to tell you “thank you from the bottom of my heart.” I am a jew and a Zionist. I was very young when dream about
    Israel helped me to survived. Israel have to one and Jewish. Jews from “progressive
    Zionist” who support boycotts enrage me with their anti-Semitic attitude, stupidity and
    ignorance .