• Ambassadorsphotos

    Good stuff here although you are catching the trends of the late 1990s and early 2000s. Ghetto Shul is still innovating, but no mention at all of the exciting things young and Jewish that are occurring here today. See Le Mood, Shtetl Montreal, Mile End Chavurah, Teva QC, Interactive Museum, Shefa, musical and theatre groups, etc.

    Also, the Montreal formula is exporting too much. How come we haven’t taken advantage of the thousands of Jewish students and young Jews who come here from around Canada and tried to keep them here? It’s great that Toronto has the Annex Shul, but it would have been great to keep some of those former students in the city. It’s a missed opportunity every year. If we as a community can absorb immigrants from Argentina, Russia and elsewhere, why can’t we take steps to help Jews from other parts of N. America to “immigrate” here?