• CanJew

    Let’s have people who are immersed in Canada’s evolving Jewish community write our articles and give us advice instead of letting someone who lives in NYC solve our challenges.

    Sincerely, The Canadian Jewish Community

    • Dov Weinstock

      Give me a break – Dan is a long-time Torontonian and has been involved in Jewish ed there. SO he is now living in NYC – perhaps one could use the broadening of one’s horizons to learn something (and share it with one’s readers)?

  • JewishEducator

    This is a great article, except for his use of the word “pediatric”… I think he means “pedagogic”.But I definitely agree with the content!

  • YH

    What about the unfortunately timely questions that it brings up about what to do about Persians (i.e. Iranians) who want to extinguish the Jewish people?

    Does anyone know if Ahmadinejad is looking for a new wife?