• Important article to be written and to be read. It is worth repeating the last few lines: “there is something we can do. If our community speaks out and makes it perfectly clear that we do not tolerate applying pressure by withholding get or halitzah, no rabbi will dare support such extortion. Let’s all make that point, as clearly and loudly as we can.”

  • Dorothy Lipovenko

    Shout it from the rooftops all you want, Prof. Lockshin, but nothing, zippo, gornisht, will change the situation until religious law is amended to end the one-sided dimension of get.
    Let me ask: if you were eligible to become one of two owner/partners in a corporate venture and were told that in event of a falling out between the partners, you had no rights to get out your share of the proceeds, would you invest? Of course not!
    Do you think ‘pressure’ and pre-nups are the way to deal with the agunah situation? Since when does orthodox Judaism consider secular courts a remedy for halacha that just does not work?
    Rabbinic pressure? Why would a woman want to rely on “rabbinic pressure” to secure her future?
    This debate is so tiring and repetitive.
    Dorothy Lipovenko

  • R. Bryn

    It’s horrible and disgusting what he’s doing, it’s even worse than withholding a Get, and all pressure should be put to bear on him. I do want to clarify one small point, and that is, the prohibition of not having more than one wife does NOT include yibbum. There are other reasons nowadays why we don’t do Yibbum but it’s NOT because of the prohibition. I myself had to do chalitzah and therefore learned the laws associated with it.

  • Leah K.

    My name is Leah Krakowitz and my brother-in-law in Toronto is withholding chalitzah.

  • R. Kaufman

    We all know that “What goes around comes around.” I don’t know what this fellow is thinking, while it may not be his wife who is being held “Hostage,” he is holding Leah “Hostage.” How does one rationalize exacerbating the pain of a person who is already so hurt? Does he think that the One Above has averted His eyes and does not see what he is doing? In addition, how can anyone who has any power over such a situation, stand idly by and SAY – nothing or DO – not enough, to FREE an innocent person who is held against their will. We all know the punishment of Iyov, who said nothing when Paroh was holding people against their will. I think everyone who CAN help in this situation, CAN DO better.