• Brad_Brzezinski

    Mr Goldstein

    1) The translator incident revealed a woeful lack of
    security. Perhaps Netanyahu knew this and used the money excuse to
    avoid giving offence. (He did say the security spending would be
    inappropriate in light of the exposure of his overspending, nullifying
    your point that he wastes money anyway.)

    2) South Africa via its
    government and major institutions is virulently anti-Israel with
    frequent incidents that are antisemitic. This would be a good reason to
    not go.

    3) Mandela did not attend Yitzhak Rabin’s funeral.

    I’m not sure what you mean by: “Jerusalem was decidedly unfriendly to him (Mandela) and
    his cause at times.” Perhaps you’d care to elucidate, but I warn you, you’re on thin ice.

  • TerrorIsEvil

    This editorialist should be reminded to do his homework. Mandela hated Israel. See this in
    Jerusalem Post: http://www.jpost.com/Opinion/Columnists/Fundamentally-Freund-Misrepresenting-Mandela-334487
    Some Jews just don’t get it. They justifiably recoil at the thought of sitting
    next to old Nazis (or attending their funerals) but when it comes to those
    Islamists, leftists, “intellectuals” and others who hate and try to destroy
    Israel, they bend over backwards to dialogue with them, appease them and find
    common cause. I do not know if the writer is just ignorant or if he really
    wants Israel to break bread with those who want Israel to disappear and who
    make that happen with propaganda and lies. I would not want to attend the
    funeral of someone with so much mindless hate for my people and love for
    enemies of Israel – death does not wipe out the crimes perpetrated against the
    Jewish people.

    I posted this comment to another similarly obsequious reaction in this week’s CJN to Netanyahu’s not attending Mandela’s funeral: http://www.cjnews.com/letters/week-december-19

  • Waffle

    Gee, did you to write this crap all by your lonesome?

  • R. Miles

    1. According to former Israeli Ambassador to South Africa Alon Liel, Netanyahu made the right decision not to make the trip. he said, “Netanyahu is not a welcome guest in South Africa today. I think it was right of him not to go.”

    2. I can’t imagine a newspaper in Israel condemning a Canadian prime minister for not attending a funeral. I sincerely hope that the “new” CJN will have more to offer than this “lame” editorial.

  • IstandwithIsrael

    Whether Netanyahu not attending was right or wrong is besides the point- remember that there are a lot of things Israel doesn’t reveal especially when it comes to terror threats. You do understand it would not have been the safest event for him to attend,correct? The point is that we have enough people pointing fingers, calling the leaders of the. State of Israel “lame”, blaming them for wrongdoing, we DON’T need to hear it from the CJN who should be supportive of Israel and leave one-sided political views out of the paper. Leave that job to the Toronto Star.
    How sad that the editor of a Jewish newspaper should choose to debut himself with such an anti-Israel article. Shame on you.

  • Larry Zeifman

    So this is the drivel what we can expect from the new CJN. So glad I’m not renewing. Lucky Toronto still has a pro-Israel Jewish paper – the Jewish Tribune.

    • Guest

      Spoken like a true board member of B’nai Brith Canada, Larry. Yes, the Tribune is pro-Israel. It’s also a cringe-inducing, semi-literate, shrill rag.

      • Larry Zeifman

        I have only admiration for a true Jewish leader. And at least I have the guts to sign my name. And I see you didn’t bother trying to defend the left wing paper the CJN has sadly become.

  • Waffle

    Old habits are hard to break, aren’t they?

  • momof4

    Looking forward to reading more……congrats Yoni Goldstein!