• Kavod And Kaved

    An excellent idea, but like Naftali Bennet’s advice that Jews in Europe ally with Roma and Muslims there, it will happen when kosher pigs fly. The Canadian Jewish community is too busy hating to help people. It’s a full-time job nowadays.

  • BilboBaggins

    I absolutely agree. As a Holocaust educator-activist, each year that I speak of the assault on human memory challenge the college-age audience to work toward justice in all arenas… other ongoing genocidal efforts as well as antisemitism, and to include advocating teaching of the Holocaust in our public and private schools as it is often only being taught as a peripheral subject through English/Language Arts classes. I write, as well, of the assault on human memory in general in a newspaper column in the local paper, especially of the falsity of the Israel Apartheid Week, BDS, and Christ at the Checkpoint initiatives…. all in connection to my dedication to Shoah education and remembrance. I see them as intrinsically connected, as you do.