• A fantastic article. But I wonder why there couldn’t be even, say, one example in the final paragraph when there is a plethora of real scholarship, written by Orthodox scholars, that proves Rabbi Solomon wrong? A plethora? Yilamdenu Rabbenu – how about one?

    • Daniel N Korobkin

      Go back to the beginning of the article and google the names of the three scholars: Berger, Schiffman, and Kellner. That’s where you’ll find your “plethora” of books.

      • Shlomo

        None of Rabbi Berger’s and Prof. Kellner’s book even touch the issues Rabbi Solomon raises. Can you please name one book that reconciles the belief in Torah MiSinai and modern biblical scholarship?

        • Saul

          And the silence from Rabbi Korobkin is deafening…

          • Daniel N Korobkin

            Sorry, just didn’t look at the comments in a while until someone told me. Indeed, many of Kellner’s and Berger’s points do address Solomon’s issues, since he has many. Note that there is a difference between reconciliation and explaining that there’s not contradiction. I’d also refer you to look at Barry Levy’s book, Fixing God’s Torah. You should also look at some of James Kugel’s latest interviews.