• whadyaknow

    Sadly, what you say has some resonance of truth. I wish it were otherwise. I just had a blog called “An Open Letter to the New Left” published by Israel’s Voice that expresses the disillusionment and (Yes) disgust that many liberal Jews, including myself, feel about the utter hypocrisy and blatant anti-semitism of the radical new Left. Please feel free to read it and forward it on. http://israelsvoice.com/article.php?id=297&t=1407130711, Hindy Nosek-Abelson

  • Jill F

    Several months ago, Hamas agreed to give way to a unity government in Palestine. Israel refused to allow or recognize it or cooperate in any way. Remember, Israel controls the borders of Gaza and all movement within and in and out of the West Bank. When it comes to diplomacy–or war–you don’t get to choose the other side’s leaders. You get to choose your own. Instead of blaming the Palestinian leadership, Israelis need to look at their own government. If the governments they’ve been electing have been unable to secure the peace, maybe it’s time for a change.