• Ron M

    “Just let the skunks pee amongst themselves”….eh! Now that’s my kind of civil discourse! 🙂

  • TerrorIsEvil

    Take note everyone, you can enjoy free speech provided
    Bernie Farber and attack dog Richard Warman agree with you and give you their
    stamp of approval; otherwise, watch out – they will strike your jugular and
    draw blood. The lessons that ought to be heeded from Quebec is that you should
    not go after all religions when it is Islamism that is the threat – and do not
    go after the religious trappings and clothing, attack the ideology of
    intolerance in Islam…the jihad, the sharia, the anti-Semitism, the misogyny,
    the supremacy, the polygamy, etc. Quebec has nothing to teach Canadians in
    general – even the Liberals are obsessed with getting all they can take from
    Canada without asking how they can contribute to the overall success of the

  • alex

    Maybe Mr Farber can devote his future dissseminations of Torah lessons to the concepts of “hakaras ha tov”, (gratitude) and “Nivul peh” (vulgarity), especially after his vulger attack on twitter last week towards Israel’s best friend in the world, Stephen Harper. But I guess those rules don’t apply to him. Important people like Mr Farber can’t have their behaviour strictured. He know what’s best for all of us, and we need to listen to him. What a massive ego this guy has.

  • Louise Maheux

    Please !!!! You are 100% Zionist and If you dont like QUÉBEC Just go to Israel because we dont need you and we do not care about you or IsraHell. Chinese peoples will be welcome here !!!! Good Kiss from Russia because Mr. Poutine have a Victory in Crimée. Ok I have to stop here because i’m angry. If I am wrong just tell me ”The Truth” That’s why you hate Facebook because we ”The People” are very awaking and Stop to howl like a dog with Washington, British and France and about ”The Holocaust” Because we have to talk about Russia and you do not want this for sure. Shalom xxxx