• TerrorIsEvil

    Marmur is one of the most divisive rabbis in Canada. He looks to make the reform movement a separate religion from Judaism, based more on the United Church’s model of socialist activism. That has led Marmur to condemn people who speak out against anti-Semitism and anti-Israelism. He would like to be part of the success that is Israel but is unwilling to defend Israel. I would not want Marmur covering my back in any confrontation with our violent enemies because he would be on the other side stabbing Jews in the back.

  • David

    The Reform and Conservative movements are a demographic failure. All polls show Reform’s and Conservative high-intermarriage and assimilation(PEW ,Harvard). Give people a taste of halacha , torah , and mitzvoth and they will ditch the movement in about 10 minutes. Big scam!

    • Kavod And Kaved

      And what? Go to the Orthodox where most of the people don’t keep most of the mitzvot anyway, and where those who do are engaged in constant sociopolitical machinations and infighting, complete with lashon hara? The only nice thing to be said about the Orthodox is that those who don’t keep the mitzvot at least don’t constantly undermine and mock those who do like in the other streams.

  • “the war within the Jews.” In Canada, the subject carries a
    distinct chill.

    Andrew Cohen: debate (re Israel
    Apartheid) is subdued, if not suffocated, in Canada

    In Canada,
    the subject carries a distinct chill.

    Once slurs upon Jews came only from gentiles.

    Today the most vociferous attacks upon Jews come from other