• Brad Brzezinski

    Jimmy Carter does not depict Israel as a Jewish state. He says the “Occupied Territories” employ Apartheid.

    I am not at all a fan of Carter and believe he titled his book knowing that many would then attribute Apartheid characteristics to Israel. Nonetheless, he officially has said that to apply the term “Apartheid” to Israel proper is wrong.

    I mention this because the nature of the debate today is such that defenders of Israel need to be rigorous about using words. There is no margin for error whereas “critics” (usually demonizers) of Israel, can get away with murder …. metaphorically of course.

  • Rachel Corrie’s empathy for the Palestinians reminds me of the empathy of Andrew Goodman and Michael Schwerner towards black Americans in Mississippi in 1964. They all paid with their lives. Similarly, those who objected to these activists, seem to imply that they all got what they deserved. I agree that comparing Rachel Corrie with Anne Frank is a stretch. What is striking in my opinion is the determination of so many, to deny both the tragedy of her death and the legitimacy of her protest. “Thow shalt not be a heroine Rachel Corrie”, seems to be the fondest hope of people like Ben Cohen.
    I think that it’s far too late for that.

  • Smash the ISM

    St Pancake, Wretchel Corrie, got what the little terrorhoid deserved