• Maya12345

    The ugly filth that the CJN and Rabbi Marmur write about Jews – calling vandalists ‘terrorists’. Marmur never praises Israel but always criticizes and lectures. As Jack Englehard said when leftist politicians and anti-Zionists call these kids ‘terrorists’: “Spare us your sanctimonious indignation. There is no comparison between this, a few Israeli kids slashing tires and painting graffiti, and that, Palestinian Arabs lynching two Israeli kids from a police station in Ramallah.
    A school bus carrying Bat Mitzvah girls is firebombed by Palestinian Arabs. Israeli kids visiting the Temple Mount escape in tears from an Arab mob.

    And still no outrage from Amos Oz and his partners on the Left [and of course, Dow Marmur].

    Where’s the symmetry? Where were those people, where are those people, who today scream, “scandal, plague, shame, epidemic” over graffiti?

    The hypocrisy is too much. They [price-taggers] are wrong in doing what they do. But not nearly as wrong as those elders who cry for their blood. Spare us your lectures.”