• Kavod And Kaved

    kodiak1966 of YouTube agrees completely with you. Whenever people are having serious problems of poverty, violence and disenfranchisement it is obvious that all of their problems stem from corrupt leaders and a culture of victimhood, and never from the actions of people around them who have power. They should be ashamed to complain when there are Jews out there having their feelings hurt by the impending Israeli Apartheid Week.

    “After all the corruption that has been exposed (thanks to Canada’s most famous dieter.. Spence), Canadians now know what has been going on for years. No Pity, Hold your chiefs accountable or get off the reserves to lead a normal life. Native kids are brainwashed at a young age to hate/avoid the “white man” blah blah, then they are stuck on reserves sniffing gas and killing themselves. Native parents on reserves should be ashamed. Abolish reserves, this is the only way native kids will ever get a chance in life”
    As commented on: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=221aodFXomw.