• karen gerson sarhon

    The Salom newspaper, the only newspaper of the Turkish Jewish community in Turkey today, is a weekly newspaper in Turkish with one page every week in Ladino. El Amaneser on the other hand, is a monthly supplement of the Salom newspaper with 24 PAGES ALL IN LADINO. EL AMANESER (elamaneser@gmail.com) is the ONLY newspaper in the world of its kind. Apart from Aki Yerushalayim (published twice a year in Israel) none of the other periodicals mentioned in the article are wholly in Ladino. They have one or two pages in Ladino but the rest not.
    Just wanted to set the record straight.
    Karen Gerson Sarhon

  • myriam

    El Amaneser is a gret job done voluntarily by a group of hard working persons with the objective to show the Ladino language to the World. Every time comes like a fresh breath of air, remembering the way our ancestors relate to each other in that language.

  • Karen Kirshner

    Possibly a relative? My paternal Y DNA is I2 from the Middle-east.