• TerrorIsEvil

    Bernie is really stuck
    in the past in his leftist analyses/views – about 35 years behind everyone else. His demographic stats are not accurate. He continues to promote the idea that all Israel has to do is agree to shrink
    itself, make itself more vulnerable to attackers and all will be well – the
    Arabs will suddenly stop their jihad against Jews and be satisfied with their
    lot. In fact, Palestinian birthrates are dropping and Israel’s rate of birth has
    the edge over the “Palestinians.” The Arabs are not
    tearing each other apart in internecine war in their own lands because Israel is building homes
    for its people on its own historical, biblical and legal land. People like
    Bernie want more Oslo accords and more UN Israel-destroying votes to pressure
    those whom he finds offensive, the Jewish right, to give up, become docile and
    silent – ready to be destroyed by enemies who Bernie sees as rational people
    with whom we can negotiate peace. It isn’t going to happen, Bern, and the more you
    and your leftist buddies push Israel to self-destruct, the stronger Israel must
    become to avoid the propaganda that masquerades as concern for the Jewish nation from leftist bullies.

  • nopeacenow

    Who is going to get the Arabs to take the bold steps necessary to make peace with Israel? In any case anyone who believes that a piece of paper signed by Abbas is going to end the war between Arabs and Israel is dreaming. The Arabs/Palestinians have not honoured any signed agreement or promise made to Israel. I don’t think that will change anytime soon.

  • Maya12345

    No wonder Bernie Farber was fired from the CJC. Using false statistics and quoting the usual leftist suspects Della Pergola and Sofer is transparent and unbecoming. These two leftist surrender jokers were warning in 1986 (!) that Israel would be majority Arab by 2000 – not even close. Better demographers have shown that the Jewish population will bottom at 62% if Judea and Samaria are annexed and then increase to 70%+. Also Farber confirms that Israel’s Census Bureau agrees that Arab birthrates are declining and Jewish ones increasing – Bernie doesn’t even fathom that he contradicted himself. I’m glad the anti-Zionists like Farber are out at the Federation.

  • Brad_Brzezinski

    The easy acceptance of israel as “Occupying” is troublesome. The Arabs were occupied by Turkey until they were freed by the Allies in WWI. (They expressed their gratitude by ….?) The Palestinians were occupied by Egypt and Jordan between 1948 and 1967 but nobody called it that and it was accepted as normal.

    This current occupation brouhaha is because the occupiers are The Jews. It is not approriate for Jews – or anyone rational really – to just go along with the term.

    • sportingchance

      I find it fascinating how advocates for Israel trip over themselves to justify the brutal repression of the Palestinians and avoid topics like the settlements of the West Bank. How would you feel in THEIR shoes? To the rest of the world you have a legitimate security issue that is spun to justify any actions – and your AIPAC-sponsored American enablers have been bought and paid for. When confronted with this you lazily invoke “antisemitism” rather than examining the hypocrisy of your religious beliefs and your actions. This is why Israel has such a hard time making friends – not antisemitism.

  • auntiehinda

    I say good for the CJN that it had the guts to explore the issue of the occupation. It’s pretty interesting that those commenting have chosen the road of personal insults. One person even making a veiled threat of death it seems against the author. In my view it would be much better to argue the issues than target the writer wishing for his death.

    • sportingchance

      It does take tremendous courage to speak up against Israeli policy wrt the Palestinians. The vitriol that always erupts any time any criticism is made is a purely selfish defensive reaction designed to mute those who argue for more open, transparent and FAIR discussion. I suspect they have more mature discussion in Israel than we do over here.

  • workingbrain

    WOW Mr. Farber, for an educated person who worked as a VERY well paid advocate in the Jewish community, you’re article is replete with factual errors and pathetically simplistic and erroneous assumptions.

    Some omissions, from the top;
    1) Gaza was governed by Egypt from 1948 when the Arabs rejected the UN re-partition (the 3rd), of the territory of so-called “Palestine”, and instead 7 of the the neighboring Arab countries chose to engage in a war with the nascent Jewish state in efforts to continue killing Jews there. Egypt ruled Gaza and encouraged and supported attacks against Israel until they lost it in 1967.

    And perhaps you’ve heard of Haj Mohammed Effendi Amin el-Husseini? Perhaps you just forgot?

    2) Syria was very much involved in the 1973 war launched against the Jewish state on Yom Kippur, as were about half a dozen other countries who provided the belligerents with some form of assistance, not just Egypt.

    3) “Since 1967, Israel has had to struggle with the injustice of being an occupier”. 1 short sentence, 2 wrongs. There are more than one reason why in fact and under international law, Israel is NOT an “occupier”. You should’ve been well aware of that given your many years you spent and millions of dollars spent on you by the Jewish community, but here’s one place to look; http://www.cilr.org/ “Injustice”; well perhaps that depends on who if you mean an injustice for Israel? The Arabs living in Samaria and Judea who in 1967 fell under Israeli control, gained far more than they lost. While the Jordanians controlled those areas, ancient Jewish cemeteries and synagogues were desecrated and destroyed. Israel restored religious freedoms for all, and Jews were only then able to pray at the holiest site in Judaism, but for reasons defined only by the “psychosis

    of hope”, instead handed control over to the Waqf, Jews were left with an exterior western wall. Why would any occupying force hand control to the same people that ensured Jews were unable to exercise their religious freedoms? That’s a question your dialogue partners wouldn’t even want to ask.

    4) “Once the dust settled, surely we would find a way to regain the high road and get out of the business of occupation.” Obviously you missed a little thing I like calling, all “history, evidence and facts”! 4A) Israel never wavered from the “high road”. 4B) Please read 3; Israel is not an “occupier”.

    5+) If you wouldn’t be delusional, you wouldn’t be surprised that a peace deal with people who are absolutely committed to eradicating you wouldn’t happen. BTW, despite your hopes of Oslo, Arafat, Abbas (with his the PhD in Holocaust denial), and their PLO, formally came into being in 1964, 3 years before the Israel liberated Judea & Samaria, and they were quite active long before /64. So why would they back-off from their long-stated goals, especially when they continued their boisterous, belligerent rhetoric in their native language?

    For the sake of saving you from nightmares, because you can’t distinguish hope from reality, you suggest that Israel is threatened to loose its sense of “justice and equality” unless it relinquishes their land to the fascist, cleptocrats that are responsible for the deaths of thousands and have worked for over 2 generations to ensure the impoverishment and virtual enslavement of millions of Arabs, restricted from many employment opportunities and land ownership often having to pay added taxes to support the system that keeps them repressed.

    The spurious correlation that Israel, of all the nations in the world and in particular the region, is threatened to become and as Israel’s enemies claim, that Israel can or does remotely resemble the Apartheid system of racial segregation, is so far from the truth and reality Mr. Farber, that only the die-hard Israel/Jew-haters and those who fall victim to the psychosis of hope claim it so.

    You’re perspective is so warped by some pathological need to escape the perceived threat of collective persecution you create and envision something that is completely contrary to all facts, and you refuse to acknowledged what doesn’t fit your paradigm.

    There may be solutions that you refuse to embrace that both safeguard Israels security needs and provides a the best possible outcome for Arabs as well. But your dire predictions and myopic view thereof is far from any realistic option for peace for either peoples or prosperity. Desperation in the face of complicated issues never produces positive results. Only clear, informed, sober thinking can yield solutions; Caroline Glick offers a far more realistic and optimistic option than the fear-based recipe for disaster you warn of.

    Mr. Farber, for the good of all living in Israel, the region and for those who care about the people there, don’t “help”, many more people will live longer.


      NICE To have somebody with common sence and working brain.(SEE ARTICLE ABOVE)

  • Steve Matthew

    Mr. Farber, despite history, despite the wealth of information out there, you continue
    to use the language of Israel’s enemies thus repeating and reinforcing the lies of occupation and apartheid. What part of “we want to kill every Jew and destroy Israel” is unclear to you?

    Your support of the two-state delusion implies your willingness to accept the Arab demand for the expulsion of all Jews from the new “Palestinian” state. Would you be as understanding and generous if it were suggested that perhaps, just perhaps, the safest and most honest outcome would be for Israel to retain ownership of Judea and Samaria as declared in San Remo and expel the Arabs instead? This idea undoubtedly offends you yet you seem not to be offended by the demands of the Arabs?

    I believe that every Jew, including all Israelis, would be glad to give up every inch of Judea and Samaria IF AND ONLY IF they were 100% guaranteed of pure peace with no hatred ever and no war ever. But the Arabs have made it clear that they want the opposite so why the hell would you want to make a deal with them? The answer is clear: not a single inch of Judea and Samaria should
    be handed over. Period!

  • tpaull

    I’m very glad to see that the majority of commenter reject this delusional analysis by Bernie Farber. Some have correctly pointed out that Bernie buys in ‘a priori’ to the false Palestinian narrative, referring to Israel with terms like ‘occupier’, ‘apartheid state’, and quoting false demographic predictions. Quoting Tzippi Livni does not strengthen his arguments either, but only weakens it. I also agree that Caroline Glick is far more realistic and insightful, in rejecting the ‘two state’ fantasy (http://carolineglick.com/a-chance-to-move-on/). Bernie is afflicted with the same blind spot as many leftists, assuming that the Palestinians leadership really want peace (they don’t), and that they could be trusted to run their own (Judenfrei) state in harmony with their neighbors. There is absolutely no evidence for that, although there is endless evidence that the contrary is true. ANY land ceded to the Palestinian ‘people’ (a false historical construct in and of itself) would merely be used as an expanded base of military operations against an even smaller Israel. I cannot fathom how Bernie, and many other well-meaning liberals cannot understand those very basic truths!

  • auntiehinda

    tpaull so quoting Livni or Barak or Lapid means nothing to you? They are there on the ground! You only believe what your narrative will support. I know too many Israelis who are fed up with the prsent circumstances and thank Hashem they are unlike you and your very blinkered view of things which prefers only the sweet smelling roses that agree with your position. Very sad, very sad.