• Theophile

    Hi Sheldon,
     Why is it I wonder that the UN decision to reunite Germany, which also reunited Kuwait to Iraq, in a world wide agreement, is always left out of the historical picture? Was it a coincidence the day Germany’s reunification was ratified, Iraq took back Kuwait?
     Why is it that George had to use word play when he said: “Until Saddam complies with UN security council resolution 678 and the preceding 12 resolutions, we will continue to bomb Iraq..” ? Why didn’t he say 666 through 678, or 666 and the following 12? In a nation that the polls claim is 80% Christian, why not a peep about this? I imagine it’s the same reason the push for mob rule(democracy) in a Christian minority nation is thought to be a good thing(Have any of you democracy lovers even read Plato? or heard the story of Socrates, the greatest proponent & victim of democracy?)  How about 666 & democracy now with 20/20 year hindsight, for the remaining Iraqi Christians?