• If it is regional democracy that folds Israel’s borders, so be it.

  • Rev. Desmond Jagger-Parsons

    It is unbelievable that anyone would print this nonsense. After a decade of discussion, a troubling recognition without much consideration of Israel as “Jewish state” (what does that mean to the million Palestinian citizens of Israel?), an openness with our dialogue partners, and a firm condemnation of all violence against Israeli citizens and a condemnation of real anti-Semitism, everywhere, the United Church has said that it will participate in a targetted boycott of SETTLEMENT PRODUCTS. You know, the illegal settlements that Israel was never allowed to build, against the Geneva Convention and all that. Those settlements which most Israeli citizens have said in poll after poll that they would give up on for peace (an obvious pre-condition). Those settlements which Israelis apparently must sacrifice 2 years of all their youth’s to protect (and for what???). I’ve no doubt that we in the United Church are real friends of a sovereign and safe Israel, though I wonder if Mr. Steinberg is.