• hart schwartz

    Harry Schacter ably recognizes that it is possible to be fully supportive of Israel, of the need for a homeland for the Jewish people, of Zionism itself, while at the same time being able to say, “Israel, the expansion of settlements in the West Bank is an obstacle to peace and is not in the country’s long-term interests.” In short, like many Israeli’s do every day in cafes, on buses, and at work, to be critical if the Israeli government without being labelled anti-Israel. JSpaceCanada is to be commended for providing a safe space for progressive Zionists, who have genuine and legitimate concerns with the direction of the current Israeli government, to share their concerns without being condemned for doing so. The Canadian Jewish community is big enough, and diverse enough, to welcome respectful and divergent views. Hart Schwartz Toronto

    the Israel occupation of Gaza. If I had
    dinner with *any* Middle East correspondent, none of us would have *any* disagreements
    about the Israeli behavior in Gaza, **which is a collective war crime. And yet to get up and write it and say it
    within American society (or in Canada and England) is not a career enhancer.

    Because there’s a powerful Israeli lobby, and it’s a lobby I
    don’t think represents Israel, it represents the right-wing of Israel. And you know talking about Israel’s bad
    behaviour is a career killer. But, the great
    reporters are brave and still talk about it. And they’re there.


  • How Harper keeps the truth about Israel out of Canada

    Talks about how Harper’s Federal government routinely denies
    or is slow to grant VISAs to visitors to Canada who well known to talk about
    what bad things Isreal is really doing to Palestine.

    Aljazeera profiles CJPME President Thomas Woodley in
    documentary. CJPME = Canadians for
    Justice and Peace in the Middle East.

    24 min. long


  • Citysuite

    The ideas put forward by Mr. Schachter are thoughtful and intelligent. It’s refreshing to read a varied response to the statements put out by the CIJA, who always claim to speak for the entire Jewish community. As this article points out, there is a great difference of opinion within the Jewish community. As much as I have problems with some of the United Church’s actions, I feel it is imperative to keep open the lines of communication.