• Matt Sieger

    Jesus clearly celebrated the Passover with his Jewish disciples just before his death, unless you deny the validity of the accounts of this event in all four of the Gospels in the New Testament. When you say the seder “is not up for appropriation into Christianity,” you are saying that Jesus was wrong, when he drank the Passover wine, to say, “This is my blood of the covenant, which is poured out for many for forgiveness of sins,” predicting his imminent death on the cross (Matthew 26:28). The person who “appropriated” the seder as pointing to his death as the ultimate sacrificial Passover lamb was Jesus himself. If you have an argument concerning “appropriation,” it is with him.

    • shalviYah

      Yes… I am compelled to respond. I have heartfelt respect for you Jean. I authentically feel sorrow. There is an obvious restoration of the Jewish roots yes. Yeshua- Jesus- a Jew Himself Who said He did not come to get rid of the Torah but fulfill the law. As His follower I am sorry- and I confidently speak on behalf of others- that you feel His followers are trying to steal any practice or Feast given in the Hebrew Scriptures/Messianic prophecies. If you were to talk to these people- you would find a deep love felt for you and an attitude of “giving you the shirt off their back” if had a need. Maybe not all, but usually the “true” followers of Messiah long, reverentially, for Messianic understanding of the roots of our faith and Yeshua revealed in the Hebrew Scriptures. We we may sometimes “deserve” to be misunderstood- it is simply human fragility and we do not always represent the One Who suffered and was pierced for our unloving behaviour, as we are called to). So Jean, please try to be mercyful- I do feel compassion that you would feel the slightest offense. If there is anything I could do to help “I will”. I mean this. Jean, you can take me up on it. I will speak for myself: I am not trying to steal, mock and be unthoughtful. I do not want to mimic “any group”. The only One my heart yearns to continually be conformed to is Messiah…

  • I am a Baptist — what you might call an evangelical Christian — and I just want to say that the Christians talked about in the NYT Magazine article are a very fringe group. Although I’m stereotypically pro-Israel, I didn’t have a bar mitzvah and don’t wear a kippah. And I’ve never met a Christian who does.

    Hope that makes you feel better.

  • Ray

    Jews created the Christian religion. Some Christians appear to be acknowledging this. Ezekiel 37 joining the two houses making one house. I doubt they will hide Easter eggs or have kids sit on Santa’s lap. They will worship together, God’s way.