• yogie320

    just ask him if he’s going to retire and the complete opposite of his answer will be the truth…….

  • David Sachs

    This article seems frankly to be a Trojan horse to promote the author’s mission to turn Jewish voters away from the Conservatives. The explicit argument itself is silly, and I think Mr. Goldenberg knows this. To begin with, it’s premised on the pretty unsubstantiated ideas that a) Jews are a holy grail of Canadian politics (at approximately 1% of the Canadian population, or one third the Muslim population); and b) that Harper has supported Israel, and been aggressive with Islamic terrorist groups, not because he believes it’s right, but to attract the Jewish vote. Even ignoring that, the main premise of the article is that the actions of post-Harper contenders will be the “clue” to Harper’s departure. Here’s a clue: post-Harper contenders are already working as hard as they can to build their profiles, and they themselves will have no more clue as to Harper’s intention than the general public. Or even the Jews. Although the topic is just a cover to muddy Harper, I wish Mr. Goldenberg (or the CJNews) would have used a more sensible title. As click bait, it’s great, but for those who won’t read the whole article or follow the nuances, it will read like an adBusters-style Jewish-conspiracy news item.
    If you’re Jewish and reading this, ask yourself, Have you ever known before anyone else what a political leader was going to do? Should that be a headline?

  • Rebecca Fine

    Prime Minister Harper allowed members of his party to harass former Justice Minister Irwin Cotler with deceptive robocalls to his constituents in Mount Royal in Montreal in 2011.

  • Scaramouche

    Had a non-Jew written a piece contending that “the Jews” wield undue influence and have a special pipeline to the Prime Minister, and had it appeared in, say, a Christian newspaper instead of in the CJN, it would likely be construed as manifesting more than a trace of anti-Semitism. It is no less–and perhaps even more–offensive coming from a Liberal Jew who has expressed his contempt for Stephen Harper on many occasions.

    Were I Goldenberg, I wouldn’t worry too much, though. Once “honest broker” Justin Trudeau takes the reigns of power, Canada will revert to its Liberal default setting re Israel, and “the Jews” will no longer have their “in”.