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Your daily spiel for Monday, June 19

The label of the new Amigous Cerveza craft beer shows Trump dressed in traditional mariachi band attire, wearing a sombrero hat and a swastika belt buckle. TWITTER SCREENSHOT

Your Daily Spiel is The CJN’s daily roundup of trending stories in the Jewish world.

Toronto Jew puts the Dad in BBQ Dad: Happy belated Father’s Day! If you did any grilling this weekend, you should know that Barbecue Dad, the embodiment of a generic father evoked in a viral Craigslist ad, is Jewish, and lives in Toronto’s Wilson Heights and Sheppard area.

More complaints against chassidic-dressed man: Toronto police have received two new complaints of alleged sexual assault involving a man dressed in chassidic garb. A security camera video of the man has been released.

Stop hate breeding hate: Britain’s Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis said the weekend’s deadly van-ramming attack at a London mosque is “a painful illustration of why we must never allow hatred to breed hatred.”

NYC shul allows interfaith weddings: An influential nondenominational synagogue in New York City has announced its new policy of officiating at the weddings of interfaith couples, so long as they commit to creating Jewish homes and raising their kids Jewishly.

Controversy could brew over Trump beers: The first batch of a Mexican beer, the label of which is emblazoned with a cartoon rendering of U.S. President Donald Trump dressed in traditional mariachi band attire and wearing a belt with a swastika on the buckle, sold out.