• selonmoi

    The first priority is to build ALL THE SUBWAYS!

    Except there’s still a $1 billion+ hole in the Scarborough subway “plan” that won’t have been filled by 2016, never mind this stupid subway to nowhere.

    Pasternak truly is an idiot, and an illustration of what’s wrong with Toronto politics.

  • Transportation TO

    Don’t believe capital estimate numbers from Metrolinx, or even TTC, since they make no effort in rationalizing them. Subways in the rest of the world, and Canada, are built for 1/3 as claimed by Metrolinx/TTC. That $1 Bn is just a political excuse to insist on less-efficient LRTs, or to raise taxes, as proposed by the unaccountable Big Move.

    Pasternak is right. Sheppard should run from Downsview to Yonge, then extended from Don Mills to Scarborough Town Centre, and looped back to Danforth subway.

    What’s wrong with Toronto politics is politicians insisting on raising taxes for overpriced transit plans that will do little, if any, reductions in congestion, (or worse: increase congestion with street-level LRTs), with no considerations to improving our road network capacity. This 4 decades-old persisting anti-car ideology is putting drivers, cyclists and pedestrians in increasing danger.