• JetHag

    He could not have celebrated his bar mitzvah in a “Polish camp” because there was no such thing. Auschwitz and the other camps were created and operated by Germans on territory they invaded and occupied, and the first victims were Polish Christians. Please correct this misleading terminology.

  • jimprzedzienkowski

    The term ‘Polish camp.’ is incorrect. The Nazi Germans established the ‘ camps’ on occupied Polish soil. The camps were not Polish as implied by the comment. Please correct the error.

  • 4trooth

    There is a difference between the
    terms “German occupied Poland” and “Poland”. “German occupied Poland”
    means that Poland was occupied by force by Germans and Poles are not responsible for government
    decisions that were made without input of Poles. “Poland” means an independent Poland run by
    Poles. The camps you write about
    were not in “Poland”, they were in “German occupied
    Poland”. Of course the
    suspicion of many Poles is that this mixing of such terms is intentional, and
    an expression of anti Polish sentiment which may or not be justified, but does
    not justify misleading language which leads to further anti Polish sentiment
    based on wrong conclusions that stem from the misleading language.

    Please try to grasp the meaning of
    what I am writing. Otherwise
    please refrain from writing on this topic as you are misleading, incompetent,
    not credible, biased, or all the above.
    Your text is offensive and my text is an angry response to your
    offensive and inflammatory text.
    Also, before you try to substitute the word “Nazi” for
    “German” or “German Nazi”, “Nazi ” does not mean
    “German” or German Nazi”, certainly no longer in contemporary,
    colloquial usage. If you believe
    these terms are still interchangeable than you are definitely living in a fantasy
    world and definitely should not be writing on this topic.