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Your daily spiel for Monday, March 20

Ezra Levant
Ezra Levant of Rebel Media .

Your daily spiel is The CJN’s roundup of Jewish stories trending around the world.

Toronto Jews targeted: The Toronto Jewish community got a shout out in The Times of Israel, but the reason isn’t good. A police report revealed that last year, Jews in the GTA were targeted by hate crimes more than any other group.

Jewish Trump supporters by numbers: You’ve argued about it with your children (and/or your parents). How many American Jews actually support Donald Trump? A national poll reveals the U.S. president’s approval rating among Jews.

Twenty-two minutes you’ll never get back: Ezra Levant released a video Saturday telling viewers Israelis were “thrilled” to see him and Gavin McInnes (of the now infamous “10 Things I hate About Jews Israelis” video) on the Rebel Media trip’s recent jaunt in the Holy Land. About one-and-a-half minutes in, Levant announces a “just for Jews” segment of the video, which he warns will contain “boring Jewish stuff.”

Disturbing leaflets: At Virginia Tech this weekend, more than 100 leaflets with swastikas drawn on them were left on the front yard of the Chabad Jewish student centre.

More life for Drake and the Jews article: Drake’s new album (or “playlist”) More Life drops just in time….for you to read (or re-read) Michael Fraiman’s feature about the rapper’s complex relationship with Judaism.

A really Jewy pilot: Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman-Palladino has made an extremely Jewish pilot for Amazon: The protagonist, played by Rachel Brosnahan of House of Cards, is a traditional Jew and an aspiring stand-up comedian.