• Miguel Kertesz

    Let me explain some mistakes written in this article. Jews in Uruguay are 14.000, not the 25.000 souls posted. We have lived in peace but in the sixties there were some troubles that made our community self defend. There have been few events in our Jew Cemetery in La Paz (out from Montevideo city) where some tombs were broken. Two jews are part of the President’s cabinet: Mr. Kreimerman and Mr. Olesker (the former, Industry Minister and the latter, Social Development Minister). Mr. Kreimerman, brother of an ex President of the Central Jewish Comitee; Mr. Olesker, son of the Honour President of the Sionist Organization.
    There are several synagogues alive in Pocitos (not Mocitos), where many of jews are living nowadays. They belong to the main Sepharadim and Azkenazim Communities; there are some high schools and several tnuots.
    It is not true that young people cannot find a job here.
    Two of the high schools have melted. There are more than two schools and I do not know why is this topic written like it is… They maybe are not well informed.
    One of the main Universities in Montevideo is ORT (of course, jewish).
    Mr. Litman was not Marcello Litmann but Mauricio (1915-1988). You can find him in the wikipedia.
    There is a Museum of the Shoah in the Kehila; there is a Remembrance Center of the Shoah, there are different Jewish institucions and I don’t understand why there is not an accurate info here.
    Hebraica-Macabi has a team in the first division of our basketball. It is one of the three main teams in the national championship.

  • Mari B

    I am searching a jewish family who lived in Montevideo. Can you advise me where should I research for infomations? I wrote to the Comite Central Israelita del Uruguay but no answer, I am trying to contact them on the phone but with no success.
    Thank You!